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There is No Other & Redemption - A Soul Poem Journey

Updated: Jul 9

This poem, and the one that immediately follows, are the Alpha and Omega of a soul journey I have taken in the week previous to their being written, and now posted.

There is No Other (2021)

Wednesday Afternoon

My heart is cracked open.

I cannot stop crying.

Viscous tears flow

lava-like, thick, toxic,

releasing ancient feelings

no longer able to be held,

suppressed, hidden

they come unbidden,

my heart is crying out

yelping shouting, aching—

Thursday Afternoon

I am bereft, shattered, broken.

My heart so hurt,

fearful I might never be loved,

be lovable, wanted, needed.

I am so broken open.

I may never stop crying.

Friday Afternoon

And suddenly, my mind opens—

What I have been seeking

does not exist—

There is no other!

There is no other!

There is no love for me,

outside of me!

There is no one

outside of me!

There is no other!

June 31st – July 2nd, 2021

Pea’hi, Maui, Hawai’i

Redemption (2021)


To redeem, to “buy oneself back.”

Perhaps that is the entire point

of what is loosely called human life,

of all the pain and struggle,

the sturm und drang

of daily mortal life,

of all the pain and shame and hurt

that seems such the “reality”

in which we, all of us, participate

willingly or otherwise,

this bullshit Biblical “Vale of Tears,”

into which or onto which

we have all been projected, directed

unsuspecting, wrapped

in thick wads of shame and disbelief,

or worse, belief

in false twisted doctrines

in which we are bound,

from which we must struggle

to attempt to get free

in order to breathe more easily;

simply in order to be

that from which we all came originally,

simply to be, then twisted

and re-arranged to meet the needs

of the existing structure

and those who control it, hurt

and harmed to satisfy

the blood hungers and lust

of malformed individuals

given temporary command,

in asperity, the deluded authority

of command, of demand,

to demand ownership of the souls

of others for maligned purposes,

to feed the visceral cravings,

miscegenated hungers

fed and digested as truth, as soul food

by tyrants and despots

who’ve convinced us

to honor them in perpetuity,

to keep the sick system alive and well,

constantly resuscitated,

with new generations of children

internalizing the shame and blame,

to re-create the chaos

for the emotional benefit

of those who cannot tolerate

the soulful fresh air and sunshine.

Shocked into terrified silence

by the vituperativity of violence,

and the callousness of their hearts

from which it is required we recover,

in order to have some small semblance

of the Divinity that we really are.

July 8th, 2021

Pe’ahi, Maui, Hawai’i

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