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Round and Round We Spin

Wednesday September 1st, 2021: 2229 Pe'ahi, Maui, Hawai'i

I had a long chat today with one of my best friends on Earth. I had been feeling especially disturbed about the most recent "news" concerning the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. It struck me as so typical that the USG would be pulling out of yet another war that has essentially benefited war-related industries, armament-makers, lobbyists and assorted "friends" of the foregoing. We live, and have lived for at least the last eighty years, in a war-based economy in which the bulk of the economy is directly or indirectly related to the war industry.

The conversation today revolved around how nothing has essentially changed since "America" was colonized, and none of the 361 "treaties" were honored in stealing this land in the name of "independence" and "freedom" whilst all the while creating an increasingly totalitarian, plutocratic society. The most striking feature of all this has been the fact that, for the most part, normal daily activities (the pursuit of money and the acquisition of material riches) just keep on as if nothing else were happenings. It's "business as usual." Nothing stops the onward flow of profit -- not people, not the environment, not future generations.

One of the most onerous and disturbing lines I hear is related to what a great and financially astute President Ronald Reagan was, the man who bribed the Iranians to NOT release the hostages after Jimmy Carter had arranged their release; who instituted taxation of Social Security income; who brought us the Iran-Contra scandal. Oh and by the way,

"Reagan took the deficit from $70 billion to $175 billion. Bush Sr. took it to $300 billion. Clinton got it to zero. Bush Jr. took it from zero to $1.2 trillion. Obama halved it to $600 billion. Trump’s got it back to a trillion." Poynter Institute (07/23/19).

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