• Dr. Stefan

Resplendent Rainbow

November 14th-15th, 2021

Pea’hi, Maui, Hawai’i

During the course of an Akashic Records Training practice session, I had the great good fortune of being paired with someone who was both incredibly intelligent and extraordinarily sensitive and attuned.

I immediately felt both her energy and the power she embodied flooding through me. She was totally radiant. After we had done some shared breathing, I found myself telling her of my lifelong dissociation from both my own body and the Planet Earth. Accompanying these was my feeling of lacking purpose despite all the incredible experiences I have lived and about which I have written extensively in my mystery series (Book VIII is in the process of being in press).

In this session, I became aware of being connected to a lineage of individuals like a series of bright lights stretching through all space and time into eternity, illuminated from within and standing bright among the great crowd of far less bright “bulbs” in a great string stretching from chaos to cosmos. I felt it. I knew immediately that I belonged to this august group, who have gone by various names in different time epochs. Although not exactly comprehensive, “The New Group of World Servers” as named by Alice A. Bailey and the Theosophist a hundred or more years ago, I recognized the totality of these individuals as being, in some sense, what Native people call “Wisdom Keepers,” holding deeply and keeping alive within themselves, the larger truth that supersedes all of the temporary and transient beliefs of thousand generations devoted to material acquisition and greed-based cultures. They keep alive the awareness of the collective totality of humanity and All Nature, each and everyone’s ultimate residence in sovereignty and oneness forever, despite the innumerable journeys through different forms and manifestations.

And I knew love—scintillating, bounteous, all-embracing soul-searing and joyous. I felt like I really belonged, worthy, wanted and necessary. That which had skirted the edges of my consciousness for decades had suddenly opened in the very center of me and took up residence as an identity and guiding force—not something to be sought any longer outside of my own pristine self in the form of women, riches or attainments—attempting to fill myself from the outside of all that had seemed denied me internally. One thing of which I became strongly aware was my feminine side; my chronic embarrassment about being sensitive; and now a decision to live out my true nature as it is no matter the cultural expectations and demands. I remain strongly heterosexual though I am giving even more credence to my deeper awareness and will no longer shy away from the depth of inner promptings.

The experience had many more imports—the living connection between my head and my heart, the fusion of the Air and Water Mystery Schools in me (as my Shamanic Astrologer Daniel Giamario has put it). The energy has continued to enrich and uplift me as it resonates in my heart almost continuously. I am grateful.

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